Tuesday, 7 February 2012

I knew that that was the last day.

The fireworks 

Chinese New Year of this dragon of year is officially ended and today is the last day of holidays. Have you guys mustered your spirit to get back to school or work ? If you're not, better do so. There's no more holidays although I wish to have more. Missing the time when I spend the whole day with the lovely family :(

By the way, my facebook account is back ! :D :D I just used papa's phone number to verify it and I get the code ! Anyway, facebook is not cheating on me/us lol -.- Sorry, @Mark Zuckerberg that I blamed on you :p And and, I saw one post that FACEBOOK WILL END ON MARCH 15TH, 2012 ! :/ Is it true ? Even though are true, I think you guys have to save all your photos that your laptop/computer don't have. I do the same thing also :) 

Lastly, I wish all of you 

I gtg, byeeeee ! 

Sunday, 5 February 2012


Hello peepo! :D I'm here to blog again! This is the post about the CNY, the dragon of year, 2012. Actually is nothing special, is just like normal weekend. At first, I'm going to meet my babes @sherinlim and @nicolehew today. While I'm having my breakfast, I received a text message from them that they can't go. One no transport, another one needed to balik kampung in urgent lol -.- I'm getting very angry that time, I like 'why you no plan nicely?'. But now mood become better after did some shopping with my lovely family at 1U :p 

Outfit of the day: 
 Top MNG  Skirt Brands Outlet  Bag Sungei Wang  Shoe Padini 

Since CNY of this year is going to end. No need to buy new year stuff right? And we're walking around at 1U like a lifeless family? Lol :s So mama decided go for movie. Before the movie start, we go Nyonya Colours to had our brunch :) 

 Yummyyyyyyy! :p

I LOVE HONG KONG ! The movie is quite awesome for us. How about you?

Btw, I bought zebra luggage! 

Friday, 3 February 2012

The 3rd day of February

Hello guys! Sorry for not update quite long time. And sorry again, I'm not update about my CNY. Since I didn't took so much pictures and it is nothing special too. So I decided not to update. I'm blogging now with my fucking bad mood. You want know why? Because of facebook. My facebook account for security reasons and my account is temporarily locked. There ask me get a code to verify my account. I didn't get any code as text message lol -.- I think facebook is lying or there something's not working? I need someone help me to verify my account. So sad, there's no one can solve the problems :x  Should I sign up the new one? Btw, I want my facebook account back :'( Photos, friends all gone. 

God, please let me get a code as text message or whatever, please. I'm begging you soooooooooo badly :( 

Lastly, we have 4 day holidays. I think I will never in good mood before I get my code to verify my facebook account :/


Monday, 23 January 2012

The first day of CNY !

It's the first day of Chinese New Year, I'm just came back from grandma house. Nothing much to do at home, so I decided to blog :) I don't want my blog become a dead blog, so I just blog whenever I feel want to blog :p 

Chinese New Year is one of my favorite festivals because I can wear all the new stuff that I bought. All should I say can wear it all the time ? As you know, all the Chinese will gather with their family to have reunion dinner together, of course included me. But my reunion dinner like sucks ? I feel I didn't ate anything. The restaurant service is really really bad, food served really really slow, wtf -.- What a reunion dinner ? They spoiled my mood :( 

Will have an outing with my babe during CNY. So stay tuned for my post... 

Once again, 

Saturday, 7 January 2012


Hello peepo! It's the 7th day of 2012, how's school this week ? Actually there's nothing special about my school week. It was just same like last year, in a same location of class, same block and same members of my class -.-  So after school starts, will not have so much time to blog, especially when it comes near to SPM! 

When I'm bored in class, I asked my classmate "Do you think 2012 is the last year for us to live in this world ?" I know you guys are scolding me "are you stupid" right ? :O  Okay, I admit that I'm stupid. But I just want to know what kind of answer they give me. The consequence is, all of them the answer is the same "Nope, 一些人每次说2012会世界末日都是假的." LOL -.- 

2011 is really a bad year for me actually. I just want to say, some people had change. Like unbelievable change. You get what I mean ? It's hard to describe what my feeling that time, just felt so hurt :(  I always ask the god, why these will happened to me. I gave him everything, I gave it all, then my heart was on the line. I can't hate him, I know I'm gonna miss him, I'll try to forget it and let it go. Cause it's gone forever and I'm not going back again. I CAN DO IT ! 

Do you think the weather is so hot in KL these days ? I gonna melt :O

Friday, 30 December 2011

2011 turns 2012.

Taken by iPhone 4S 

It's just a few days, I'm turning into seventeen, wth -.-  Are you ready for the coming next year ? I not ready yet :(  How I hope I'm 6 years old now, who no cares, no worry and no problems. 

List of 2012. 
-Get better results in any subject on every examination
-Save money for my trip on March 2012 and camera
-Cherish for what I have
-Be able to control my emotion


Friday, 16 December 2011


Helloooooo :D I think I'm not update my blog for almost two week ? Just wanna do a very short post for today. I feel like nobody's reading my blog anymore, omg -.- I don't know what to talk about. Ok, let's talk about myself. 

If you're a long time reader of mine, you should know I'm not working anymore. Working is not a difficult for me actually, but I just need a friends who lunch with me or even talk to me. Working place lack of talk, lack of friends, are you can work there with a longer time ? Just remember one thing, I can't ! I think somebody's criticism about me that I'm lazy or think that's a excuse ? It's okay, forgive them. They just don't know what problem I'm facing when I'm working at the working place that not suitable me. At least, I tried :) 

Are you guys starting shop for new year clothes ? Yeahh, I'm start ! :D Really excited about Chinese New Year. Had an awesome outing with the lee's sisters yesterday. Sorry for not update, because I forgot bring my camera along on that day, lol -.- Next time kay guys ? :p Now I'm gotta save money for new camera. After 10 years, my saving is hard to reach 1k I think hahahahaha ! Anyway, I'll work hard of it ! :p 

16 days more, my holiday is gonna end :O Omg, I'm not ready for going the next level (form 5) ! What should I do ? What can I do is count down :/ 

Before I end my post, I need your help to vote for my sister Alicia YeeTeng :) 

Thank you so much for your helping, byeee! <3